A Facebook observation

Many politically active people “like” candidates and causes to which they are in fact ardently opposed, since following the opposition’s Facebook stream can be a smart way to keep tabs on what it’s doing. But as a result Facebook keeps feeding us sponsored posts — often very misleading ones — that follow the formula “[my friend] likes [candidate/cause X]”.

By the way, if you’re on Facebook, you really should be liking Overlawyered, here. That’s true even if you can’t stand the site and just want to keep tabs on its nefarious ways.


  • I “liked” Daily Beast for that reason. Can’t stand it, but occasionally its followers need a whiff of sanity and common sense, and that would be me. I didn’t know you were on FB, but just “liked” you and will actively shared if you say something I agree with. 😉

  • I can just click ‘like’ on Facebook to keep tabs on you?

    Maybe I’m just old-school, but I’m going to keep sending those weekly checks to G Gordon Liddy all the same.