“Calling Liberal Pro-Business Judges”

New York’s highest court, the Court of Appeals, has a particular niche among state courts: it’s liberal on many matters, as suits the state’s politics, but over the years has tended to take care that its commercial law is relatively predictable and efficient from a business perspective, since it would rather not risk tempting the state’s huge business sector to flee to other jurisdictions. With two vacancies on the court, Gov. Andrew Cuomo now has a chance to confirm the court’s historic path, or set it on a different one. [Lawrence Cunningham]


  • Liberal pro-business judges? Do these exist?

  • Isn’t it a telling indictment of the American legal system that judges have to be appointed according to their political stance rather than their knowledge of the law?

  • The problem, Malcolm, is in determining who has knowledge of the law. In my opinion President Obama, who I gladly voted for, is a dunce with respect to the law. Mayor Koch’s views are interesting. He had a policy to choose judges from three people reviewed for competence by a expert panel.. The mayor claims to have appointed too many clunkers anyway.