Corrected by their own former lawyer

Floyd Abrams, famous for representing the New York Times in the landmark Pentagon Papers litigation, writes in to correct the paper’s faulty grasp of the Citizens United decision [NYT letter]


  • Except that the NYT doesn’t have a ‘faulty grasp’ of the Citizens United decision – they know full well what the decision said. What they want is ‘free speech for me but not for thee’. (A most excellent Nat Hentoff title, btw.)

    And why is corporate opinionating presented as a free speech issue when it seems so clear to me that – with the messages being published and broadcast – the issue is freedom of the press? Since when has The Press meant only ‘the Anointed of the High Holy Church of Impartial Journalism’ rather than ‘any idiot with the wherewithal to distribute his blatherings’?

  • Details, details.