• “renew their law licenses five years after they are revoked.”
    3 strikes and you’re not out.

  • This guy got one to five years home confinement??? He should have gotten one to five years in jail.

  • Seriously???
    This guy has a history of violent acts including one that endangered a child and none of these rated a felony? The DA is the one who has “…injured the public by lessening people’s faith and confidence in the legal profession” by not charging him as they would any non-lawyer.

    I’m assuming the more serious convictions would prevent him from ever getting his license back.

  • Lawyers are like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.

  • Doubtless our national shortage of lawyers had a hand in this decision. To deprive the good people of West Virginia of Mr. Robinson’s high-spirited and obviously zealous representation would be a far greater crime. Indeed, lifting his license for five years is a hardship for everyone, but that Gump is a whiny, persistent git.


  • Guys, work your ways through this.

    Who decides the laws for lawyers, the state legislature.

    What group constitutes the majority of seats in almost (all?) legislative bodies. Lawyers.

    And you know every one of them is thinking right before they vote on silly back doors like the one in this situation, “but for the grace of God go I.”

    It’s worse that the unions and the Democrats.

  • You’re assuming the client didn’t deserve it. I had a few who did, including one who asked for my assistance in committing murder.