Foreign liquors that you can’t buy here

“There are many potential reasons, but a big one is a very simple regulation defining the volume of bottles legally permitted in the American market.” Our regulators allow the sale of alcoholic beverages in 750 ml bottles, but not in the 700 ml bottles standard elsewhere. So unless a foreign maker perceives enough potential in the U.S. market to set up a special production run with the required bottle size, its wares are unlikely to reach our shores. [Jacob Grier]

One Comment

  • And yet the 5 pound bag of sugar has quietly been reduced to a 4 pound bag of sugar. But there’re still 10 pound bags of sugar on the shelf as well.

    Half-gallons of ice cream are now 1-1/2 pints.

    A bottle of booze that’s 50 ml smaller than others is just more of the same…

    If the bottle says 700 ml how is it confusing?