Lawsuits snarl Ohio high school football playoffs

At least the lawyers are getting some exercise [Cleveland Plain Dealer via Adler]:

Thursday was one of the strangest days in Ohio high school football history. Not a single down was played and it ended in total confusion…. The Ohio Supreme Court might have the final word….

Edgewood Superintendent Joe Spiccia said the plan Thursday night was to create a conflicting court order, which it did. … [OHSAA spokesman Tim Stried] said neither game will be played until the case is resolved by another court because if either game took place, it would be violating one of the two court orders.


  • How did the Ancient Greeks manage to organize the Olympics, sometimes during periods of extended warfare among the City-States, without Phalanxes of Litigators?

  • @wfjag: They used the concept of “Time Out” and made it stick under the threat of divine retribution.

  • And just who do you think was the lion fodder?

    Ah, the good old days.

  • wfjag-

    You think those Phalanxes were made up soldiers?

  • @Small Government Guy
    “You think those Phalanxes were made up soldiers?”

    I used to think so. But, maybe the Lamba on the shields of the Spartan Hoplites meant “Lawyer”. That might more easily explain how 300 at Thermopylae undid Xerxes’ hostile takeover bid, which was backed by the full force of the mightest corporate body the world had seen and the efforts of a few hundreds of thousands. One lawyer undoing the effort of 1,000 people seems reasonable, so 300 could thwart the combined efforts of the Persian Empire. No wonder the Spartans were feared.