The ADA in the workplace: a radio debate

I joined Bay Area public radio host Marty Nemko (KALW) on Sunday for a discussion of the pluses and minuses of the Americans with Disabilities Act, and specifically as it applies to the workplace. I focused on the minuses, while disability rights attorney Claudia Center emphasized the pluses. You can listen here.


  • I noted the heavy reliance that Claudia Center placed on fantasy. The fact that ADA has not improved employment of the disabled was explained away as a measurement problem. And she has never seen anyone game the system or the unnecessary bankruptcies of good businesses by bounty hunters. “Gambling in this establishment? I am shocked!”

    I was surprised that the funneling of substantial funds to lawyers did not come up.

    Good job, Mr. Olson.

  • I “listened while I worked.” I liked the whole “Okay, switch sides” game.

  • William Nuesslein wrote:

    >{ADA attorney Claudia Center] has never seen … the unnecessary bankruptcies of good businesses by bounty hunters.

    I have seen a similar argument by patent trolls and copyright trolls– that they keep their demands moderate, lest the bankruptcy of an honest business leave less for everyone including plaintiffs. But the occasional bankruptcy is part of their business model, to convince other targets that they are not bluffing.