“Wounds That Will Not Heal: Affirmative Action and Our Continuing Racial Divide”

Author Russell Nieli came to Cato this week to discuss his new book and I gave a brief commentary. More: John Rosenberg, Discriminations.

Related: Voting on ideological lines, the Sixth Circuit declares void the Michigan Civil Rights Initiative, suggesting a constitutionalized “right” to racial preferences. Calling SCOTUS! [Jonathan Adler]

One Comment

  • One has to be cautious about stories. My colleague at the time, Anthony, complained against Mayor Giuliani because he was stopped as a driver at least once a month. To Anthony it was DWB- Driving While Black. I was stopped once a decade over my 40 years of driving. One ticket.

    But I had conversations with other guys working with me. They had been driven home by Anthony and said it was a near death experience for them. I will never forget the fright on their faces.

    When white students interact with black students will they really get an unfiltered view of life in America?

    I agree with you that the high costs of affirmative action (and the ADA) are unsupported by the benfits, if any, therefrom.

    The video is a good discussion. I enjoyed it.