Baltimore considers banning Formstone

“Formstone is to Baltimore what Communism was to Czechoslovakia.” Although virtually no one installs the simulated-stone exterior cladding any more, and it doesn’t seem to raise any safety concern, Charm City authorities are still proposing to ban it, which has touched off a wave of protests and a Baltimore Sun editorial objecting to the ban. [Sun reporting, editorial]


  • John Waters called formstone “the polyester of brick.”

  • It’s ugly, cheap and tasteless. I can’t believe that politicians don’t like it.


  • So that’s a seal of approval then?

  • It’s funny. I used to live in Maryland, and while Baltimore has some definitely nice neighborhoods, it has some neighborhoods that, shall we say it gently, are dangerous hell holes. And they are debating banning formstone? I guess pink flamingoes are next on the hit list.