“Bootlegger will continue to thrive” after Repeal

Or so at least Prohibitionists mispredicted at the time in December 1933. [Jesse Walker, Reason]


  • In 1966 I represented a client in Iuka, MS at a time when the state was considering abolishing its dry laws. The air waves were engulfed with spot ads from prohibitionist ministers decrying the evils of John Barleycorn, and urging a NO vote on repeal, to a point where the 2012 election battle seems tame. Puzzled by the ability of ministers to afford this media barrage, I mentioned this to the local management, only to be told, “It’s not the minister’s money, the bootleggers are putting up the dough!”
    I blush to think of my naiveté.

  • Yes, bootleggers continued to thrive in my dry county in Kentucky. Still do, I assume, since the county’s still dry.