December 17 roundup

  • Wiley v. Kirtsaeng: Supreme Court will consider whether law entitles those in this country to resell copyrighted goods made abroad [ArsTechnica, EFF, Christopher Balogh (used bookstore), Megan McArdle (textbooks)]
  • “Suitable seating” class action goes to trial in California [The Recorder, earlier here, etc.]
  • Must-read John Tierney on mandatory minimum sentences [New York Times]
  • “Occupy Pennsylvania Avenue: How the Government’s Unconstitutional Actions Hurt the 99%” [Ilya Shapiro and Carl DiNigris, Drake Law Review via Cato]
  • “‘The word reasonable is perhaps the most litigated word in American history.’ –FCC commissioner Robert McDowell” [@theprez98]
  • “Whistleblowing” law firm sued by famous client Birkenfeld [BLT, earlier]
  • “Can, should, did. RT @walterolson: Don’t forget that you can vote for Overlawyered in this year’s ABA Blawg 100 contest” [@baylenlinnekin]

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