Katz’s Bagel Bakery to Chelsea, Mass. authorities: “Hands Off My Dough”

The Boston suburb of Chelsea, emulating New York City and other municipalities, is banning trans fats in restaurant recipes effective Jan. 1, leaving bakery owner Richard Katz “vowing to stop selling pastries rather than peddle what he calls ‘awful’ tasting trans fat-free baked goods.” [Fox Boston via Keep Food Legal]


  • Good old fashioned lard has no trans fats and makes awesome pastries. You’d think a baker would know that stuff.

  • On the other hand, there’s a chance that Mr. Katz’s bagel store would not be keen on using the most notoriously un-kosher of ingredients.

  • Sure, pick on the little guy. What did they tell Kraft and General Mills? It would be like a poodle peeing on an elephant’s leg.

  • @Peyote Short: Have you tried to find unhydrongenated lard these days? Hydrogenated lard does, indeed, have trans-fats.

    But Walter’s argument is the more cutting.

  • @John Burgess: Ha! He does indeed. Lesson learned.

  • Oy vey iz mir

  • He could go back to palm kernel oil too. Palm oil was pushed out of use as it’s a saturated fat and replaced with “safer” trans-fats.

  • What was the common kosher fat before the invention of hydrogenated oils?

  • It would depend on what you were cooking. Safest would be parvre, some sort of vvegetable oil and because you want saturated oils for baking, you’d be safest with cocoanut oil.


  • Not that I support government or any other nitwits controlling what adults can eat, but if Dr. Dean Xerras knew anything about dietary science, he’d be banning flour and sugar, which actually are what lead to diabetes (by causing the secretion of insulin that puts on fat).

    And Dr. Mary Dan Eades, who knows a thing or two about evidence-based dietary science, will sing you the health praises of lard if you just throw the subject out. (Of course, the kosher thing may be a problem — tragic, because a world without bacon is a joyless place.)

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    Following the lead of nanny Bloomberg, Chelsea, Massachusetts has a looming ban on trans fats — leading a bagel shop owner to vow to stop making pastries……