Labor and employment roundup

  • Labor/employment law: the last four years, and the next [Daniel Schwartz series: first, second, interview] “Some Thoughts on the Meaning of a Second Obama Term for Labor and Employment Law” [Paul Secunda]
  • “Alcoholic Tested Without Cause Can Proceed With Bias Claim” [Mary Pat Gallagher, NJLJ]
  • “The ‘I’s have it: NLRB says don’t shred those at-will disclaimers just yet” [Jon Hyman]
  • “Knox Supreme Court Decision Strengthens Worker Rights” [Mark Mix, Bench Memos]
  • “City Councils, EEOC Grapple with Employment Protections for Ex-Convicts” [Shannon Green, Corp Counsel]
  • Leftward efforts to constitutionalize labor and employment law [Workplace Prof]
  • Should this bother privacy advocates? “NLRB looks to give workers’ private contact info to unions” [Washington Examiner]
  • Drama unfolds as backers push right-to-work law in Michigan [Shikha Dalmia]


  • Re: “City Councils, EEOC Grapple with Employment Protections for Ex-Convicts”.

    Part of the stated purpose of D.C.’s Bill 19-889 is “to create limited liability for employers who hire or retain returning citizens if the employer has taken certain steps to make a good-faith determination that hiring or retaining a returning citizen is favorable” and to “create a certificate of good standing, issued by the Department of Corrections, for qualifying returning citizens.

    First we had “undocumented workers” and now we have “returning citizens”. Newspeak is alive and well in Leftist circles.

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