Maryland law clinic follies

I’m in the Baltimore Sun with an op-ed about the University of Maryland’s ill-chosen decision to represent the Waterkeeper Alliance in what was intended to be a landmark environmental case against an Eastern Shore farm family. Earlier here, etc. (& welcome Glenn Reynolds/Instapundit readers)

P.S. Welcome listeners from Baltimore’s WBAL, which had me as a guest Friday afternoon to discuss the suit. Research assistance thanks to Ryan Mulvey, Cato intern.


  • If anyone thinks that for one second the Waterkeeper Alliance or UM are done with this case, just read the last line of the editorial:
    “At the University of Maryland, they say they’re reviewing the judge’s order in hopes of finding some grounds for appeal.”
    They’ll be done with this case when someone cuts off their funding, not a moment before.

  • […] in the piece I draw a parallel to the recently dismissed Hudson Farm litigation in Maryland, in which a judge lambasted Waterkeeper Alliance for shoddy litigation conduct in a Clean Water Act […]