Medical roundup

  • “Blaming doctors for prescription drug abuse” [White Coat] Judge rules victim of pharmacy robbery can proceed with suit against doctor who prescribed painkillers [NYLJ]
  • Louisiana Gov. Jindal’s proposal for letting contraceptives be sold over counter has good libertarian pedigree [David Henderson, Jonathan Adler] More: Ramesh Ponnuru.
  • FDA vs. antiemetics: “How Long Before Zofran Gets Black Boxed?” [White Coat]
  • ObamaCare vulnerable to an Origination Clause challenge? [Sandefur vs. Taranto, via Randy Barnett]
  • “When a child drinks cologne, by all means, sue the doctor… ” [NJLRA]
  • U.S. v. Caronia: does First Amendment protect promotion of off-label drug use? [Richard Epstein/Hoover, PoL, WSJ Law Blog, D&DL, Shackford]
  • Ideas from John Goodman on med-mal reform [Psychology Today]

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