NFL punter blames seam in turf

A former Houston Texans punter “alleges that [Reliant] Stadium’s practice of piecing together 1,200, 8?x8? palettes of grass prior to every home game creates an ‘unsafe turf’ condition,” resulting in a torn ligament and bone fracture. At Abnormal Use, Nick Farr says we haven’t heard a whole lot about turf seams as a playing field hazard up to now, and notes that the player in question may have had some other difficulties going on with his career aside from this “career-threatening injury.”


  • Well, let’s see: First it was Aastroturf, now grass. What’s next for an NFL player to blame for a knee injury, beach sand? (Oh wait, THAT has already happened!) There aren’t many surfaces left to try to play football on; maybe next the recommendation is to play on asphalt or concrete. (sarcasm off).

  • Good thing they don’t have stairs, escalators, or revolving doors on a football field, I guess.

  • The fact that he was released isn’t particularly persuasive: For salary cap reasons, the absence of a minor league, and the general attrition of football, punters and kickers can spend their entire career getting released. Heck, Shayne Graham, good enough to make one Pro Bowl, has played for 14 teams (including return trips) in 12 years.