Public employment roundup

  • Report: California state psychiatrist paid $822,000, highway cop $484K in pay/benefits [Bloomberg News via Dan Mitchell]
  • “Florida Prison Guard Charged with $2.7 Million Workers’ Comp Fraud” [Insurance Journal]
  • Agitprop video from California Federation of Teachers is educational, if only in unintended ways [Katherine Mangu-Ward]
  • “California government employee unions spent nearly $100 million in the lead up to the November election” [Jon Coupal, Fox and Hounds] How San Bernardino went broke: a cautionary tale [Reuters]
  • “Taxpayers funding 35 six-figure union chiefs at Transportation Department” [Examiner]
  • Congress again strengthens legal hand of federal employees claiming whistleblower status [Paul Secunda] Mistrial in case of whistleblower group’s payment to government worker [WaPo]
  • “Binding Arbitration’s Threat To State And Local Governments” [Ivan Osorio, CEI]

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