ASPCA reactions

The head of the ASPCA writes to the New York Post about my op-ed piece. To recap the particular assertion to which he’s responding, if you want to support local shelter and rescue work, you’re much better off giving locally than you are writing a check to this national group and hoping a little trickles down through grants, special projects and the like.

Another reaction: Andy Vance, Farm Progress.


  • I also find it more satisfying to give to local charities so I can see what my money is going for.


  • I don’t think you made a friend there Walter.

  • It’s only a “reponse” in the sense that he said what he said because you said what you said.

  • The response to Mr. Sayre’s response is going to leave a mark.

  • …and teach local law enforcement and others how to respond to animal cruelty

    By shooting them!!!