City of Boston vs. fun

A certain disapproving attitude toward nightlife is not exactly new among Beantown authorities, but discouraging the playing of darts, solitaire and board games in taverns does sound like something of a novelty [Boston Herald]


  • My family went to Boston in early August. It was great visit except for one thing. My older son and I went to a Sox game, and decided we wanted something to eat after the game. He is only 18, so no one could let us in their restaurant to eat because it was after some arbitrary time (9 or 10). We had to go all the way back to the hotel and order subs to be delivered. Stupid…

  • It is too bad that the States do not seem to realize that Prohibition was repealed in 1933.

  • I’m a regular critic of overlawyered, but I’ll be the first to say when they’ve got it right, too. This is a ridiculous affront to basic human freedoms. One, that I might add, that we don’t have here in the supposed “nanny state” where I live.