January 6 roundup


  • it’s about time somebody got suspended for pointing a finger gun. everybody knows that finger guns are gateway guns to real firearms.

  • That “U.S. Chamber” thing is a pretty shady affair. It’s not actually a government organization, but it uses a part of a government’s organization name. The press release includes a description of the US Chamber of Commerce even though neither the release nor the issuing organization have anything to do with that body.

    This is like those loan scams that send you a letter with “OFFICIAL FEDERAL BUREAU OF REAL ESTATE LOANS” on top, with a logo that has an eagle and a flag or something, and it says “postmaster: confidential information, handle in accordance with FR 32.19289(b)” (which is in fact the general statue for delivering mail).

  • DD>I think you’re quite wrong on that. The U.S. Chamber is the leading association of private business in this country, and I’ve never heard of anyone mistaking it for some sort of federal government entity. (The Chamber’s Institute for Legal Reform is simply a branch of the Chamber.)

    There is no more reason to confuse the U.S. Chamber of Commerce with the federal Department of Commerce than there is to confuse the American Federation of Labor with the federal Department of Labor.

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