Schools roundup

  • Disabled kids and their parents among chief losers in NYC school bus strike [Richard Epstein]
  • “School District to Spend $2.4 MILLION on Guards? A Mom Protests” [Free-Range Kids, N.C.] “Our Schools Are Safe Enough: A Movement to Stop Overreacting to Sandy Hook” [same] Shame that NRA would decide to push big government mandate at taxpayer expense [Brian Doherty]
  • LSAC challenges new California law banning flagging applicants’ extra time on LSAT [Karen Sloan, NLJ]
  • One year on job, 13 years in rubber room for NYC teacher accused of sexually harassing students [NY Post]
  • Missouri lawmaker introduces bill criminalizing failure to report gun ownership to child’s school [Caroline May, Daily Caller]
  • Suing for edu-bucks: “Court says Kansas must increase school funding, slams tax cuts” [Reuters, Severino/NRO]
  • “Yay for Recess: Pediatricians Say It’s as Important as Math or Reading” [Bonnie Rochman, Time]

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