• I have a loathing of kids – would that work too?

  • Is she related to W.C. Fields?

  • Usually the litigation under ADA is about the word “reasonable”. These geniuses have managed to talk themselves into litigation over the word “young”.


  • And I’m afraid of work.

  • Yeah, “go away kid, you bother me” except in this case its “go away all you kids, you all bother me” (which movie was the former from? Anyone?) . Choosing a job at cross-purpose to your personality is a disability, a disabling of recognizing who you are. A lot of salespeople have a similar problem; it’s why cold calling is so difficult for so many. I think they get fired though, with the usual admonishment of “maybe you should find a career that suits you”.

  • Sorry for the second post, but Junior High (or Middle School) students are young children? We had 6 footers, a lot, in my Junior High, and my daughter’s Middle School has girls where only the lack of a fake ID keeps them out of bars. I could understand this if it were Elementary School…

  • That’s not a phobia. Phobias are irrational fears. This is perfectly normal, and it’s why teachers get combat pay. 😉

  • (which movie was the former from? Anyone?)

    Movie? I remember it from the cartoons (Foghorn Leghorn to be exact).

  • I have a solution! Find an equal and opposite “pedophile” to neutralize the “pedophobe”. The can co-teach the class!

  • According to my public-school teaching relatives (3 of ’em, 2 now recently retired) it takes an extra effort to teach middle-schoolers: they are children in adult bodies, some big enough to pose a serious physical threat.
    Of course, the “main-streaming” of some emotionally disturbed special ed kids makes the situation much worse.
    By the time they are 16 or so, most students have begun to calm down a bit. That’s why you want to teach either little kids , or high-schoolers.
    Maybe this lady just didn’t want the hassle. it is amazing how many of these disabled plaintiffs wanted an accommodation that would give them an easier job

  • “Documents filed in the case by her medical doctor, psychiatrists and psychologists note that she experiences stress, anxiety, chest pains, vomiting, nightmares and higher than healthy blood pressure when she’s around young children.”

    Seems to me that many of these symptoms are also consistent with obesity, which, judging by her photo, applies here.

  • “Anybody who hates children and small dogs can’t be all bad.”
    — Discussing W.C. Fields

  • The plaintiff is as bad as the surgeon with narcolepsy, plagued with falling asleep while performing surgeries, who sued to get her job back.

  • The Enquirer has an expert taking the whole thing seriously. But I think the writer is misleading the reader. Someone, I doubt he was talking in context to this case. Or maybe he was and the world is crazier than I thought.