Chicago judge not guilty by reason of insanity

At Cook County Judge Cynthia Brim’s trial this week, “she was found not guilty of misdemeanor battery because she was ‘legally insane’ at the time.” Cook County voters re-elected Brim in November despite reports of her troubles [South Bend Tribune/Chicago Tribune, earlier]


  • If they try to fire her she will have an ADA claim.

  • So it comes out at trial that Brim has been hospitalized five times in the last 9 years.

    Didn’t anybody notice? Didn’t anybody ask “Poor Judge Brim is in the hospital, what does she have?”

  • In Chicago, does having a legally insane presiding Judge create an issue for appeal?

  • I understand that it’s a problem that this judge keeps getting elected, but doesn’t Illinois have a method for removing judges other than not electing them? I would hope that psychosis would be grounds for disbarment, which would, presumably, make her ineligible to serve as a judge.