Indiana: “Couple Faces Jail Time For Nursing Deer Back To Health”

“The Indianapolis Star reports that the Indiana Department of Natural Resources wants to prosecute Jeff and Jennifer Counceller for taking care of an injured deer that showed up on their doorstep.” [CBS Cleveland via Amy Alkon, Dan Mitchell] A while back I wrote about the case in which a Virginia family got in trouble with the feds after their 11-year-old rescued a baby woodpecker in their back yard and cared for it for a day or two before releasing it.


  • this attitude is pretty common in wildlife agencies. they prefer to see animals dead or suffering in pain, rather than having them touched by humans. I think it is the result of a demented Greenie religious mania, which holds that any actions taken towards animals by man are evil.

  • I agree there is something wrong with prosecuting the couple, but at the same time, they kept the deer in captivity for over two years.

    It almost seems the couple was not interested in helping the animal and returning it to the wild, but rather healing the animal and keeping it as a pet.