Land use roundup


  • The San Luis Obispo property owner’s experience reminded me of my own, with our state’s environmental conservation department. The application and approval process they put us through (for a municipal waste recycling facility, of all things) was best summed up by our project engineer as: You ask the environmental conservation agency staff what they want, and they say “Bring me a rock.” You come back with a rock, and they respond “Bring me a white rock.” Upon your return with a white rock, they respond “Bring me a big white rock”, and so on ad infinitum. At some point you realize that either these people are the intellectual heirs of the Mad Hatter, or someone further up in the bureaucratic food chain does not like your client.

  • The article on the First Circuit treatment of Penn Central notes that the court has found that lenses are provided…perhaps, equipped with these, the reader will now be able to view the emanations and penumbras which the Supreme Court perceived in Roe v. Wade?

    It’s a thought.