Duke subpoenas KC Johnson

The academic writer and blogger, co-author with Stuart Taylor Jr. of Until Proven Innocent, has long been a thorn in the Duke administration’s side over its conduct in the lacrosse case. The university has been fighting in court to force Johnson to hand over emails and correspondence that it says it needs to defend other litigation, and some of its informational demands have been very broad indeed. Too broad? [Johnson, Durham-in-Wonderland]

Update March 6, that was fast: Duke backs down.

One Comment

  • I trust Mr. Johnson will not object to my quoting him here for those who don’t go any further:

    “But one important factor did distinguish me from the journalists mentioned above. In a letter submitted to the court, Duke rationalized its litigation strategy on grounds that I “continue[d] to this day to blog about the events underlying this litigation.” That description did not apply to the journalists on the “non-subpoenaed” list.””