Environment roundup


  • Judge Kozinski, writing for Ninth Circuit panel, declares Sea Shepherd Conservation Society’s harassment of whaling ships to fall under piracy law …

    I wonder if The New Yorker will be updating this story …

    A Reporter at Large
    Neptune’s Navy
    Paul Watson’s wild crusade to save the oceans.

  • Overcriminalization did not begin yesterday. More than 40 years ago, I was warned by a Florida Fish And Game officer that my throwing a small rock at a squirrel was “take, or attempt to take, game out of season”. It has only become worse.

  • @John: However, it has taken on a different nature. Forty years ago that was considered a bad thing for a kid to do, at most warranting a call to Mom & Dad. Today it is Environmental Terrorism, to be charged as a felony, and even if not prosecuted as one, the felony arrest is still on the kid’s electronic record and pops up every time a records check is done.

    The decision to arrest and the charge to enter in the person’s records is fairly much an unfettered one by a cop (or maybe a quasi-cop like a game warden) at the lowest level. But, once the entry is made, the record is nearly always permanent, as are its consequences.

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