Guns roundup

  • Report: White House at pains to hush anti-gun groups from voicing their more extreme ideas [Washington Times]
  • If we were really serious about reducing gun violence… [Steve Chapman] Futility of gun buyback programs [Trevor Burrus podcast, Cato]
  • Lawyer hit with $20,000 sanction after federal judge says he didn’t adequately vet client’s dubious gun-malfunction case [Legal Intelligencer/Pittsburgh Post-Gazette]
  • No one’s talking about gun confiscation, right? Right? [Gateway Pundit, Christopher Fountain, more]
  • D.C. councilmember sponsors bill requiring gun owners to buy $250K liability insurance [WaPo, earlier] Discussion of mandatory liability insurance for gun owners with Jacob Sullum, Don Taylor of Duke, and Michael Barry of the Insurance Information Institute [Reason/HuffPost]
  • “Obama’s gun agenda is at least as much about provoking Republicans to say and do things to alienate women voters as it is about passing laws.” [@davidfrum]
  • “The Second Amendment Protects Both Keeping and Bearing Arms” [Ilya Shapiro, Cato]

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