Judge’s order: “Do not say the word ‘Bingo’ for six months”

A Covington, Ky. man escaped jail time on a disorderly conduct charge after falsely yelling “bingo” in a room of bingo players. The arresting officer compared the offense to falsely yelling “fire” in a theater. [NKY.com, David Frum, Daily Beast (“You Can’t Yell ‘Bingo’ Around a Bunch of Old People and Not Expect to Be Arrested”)]


  • See, gambling does lead to crime. Unless, of course, his dog’s name is Bingo.

  • Yes, I too was concerned about the dog. Poor puppy, now nameless and without a master to call his name when he had one.

  • […] Walter Olsen over at one of the best lawblogs on the ‘net, Overlawyered, has the interesting story story of an 18 year old that has been barred by a judge from yelling “bingo!” for six […]

  • You people have no knowledge of the classics. His name-o would be Bing-o. Therefore, his name would be Bing.


  • @Bob Lipton: No, you’re far to literal. “name-o” is merely created to enforce the rhyme of his actual name, “Bingo”. “Bing” is what crooners get called, not howlers.

  • You could say that “bingo” has been banished from his lingo. [ducks, runs for cover]