Law schools roundup

  • Harold Lasswell and Myres McDougal’s influential article on legal education figures prominently in Schools for Misrule; Henry Manne says their scheme of actual classroom pedagogy did less well [Bainbridge]
  • Deanship of local plaintiff’s attorney at St. Louis U. is short, colorful [NLJ]
  • GW lawprof trips, falls at Denver Law event, now in court [Above the Law]
  • Law reviews requiring authors to sign indemnity clauses. Reason for alarm? [Dan Markel, Prawfs]
  • Out-of-touch law academy, vol. 18: Duke prof dismisses floodgates arguments on principle [Ted Frank]
  • “Should Law Reviews Consider Race When Selecting Articles?” (and do they?) [Josh Blackman]
  • Insurance is an undercovered topic in the law school curriculum, so Randy Maniloff decides to do an intervention [Coverage Opinions, PDF, lead article]


  • Insurance Law? Come to the University of Baltimore School of Law where I have been teaching for 15 years. I teach Insurance Law two semesters a year!

  • “Should Law Reviews Consider Race When Selecting Articles?”
    Isn’t it childish to say we’re being diverse by picking different colors? Real Rock-n-Rollas would use emotion, philosophy, even religion before they started color-coding. I guess it’s easy, but I find it to be unnecessarily divisive and it masks some real issues.