Schools roundup

  • More on court’s enjoining Alabama House from sending schools bill to governor [Joshua Dunn, earlier]
  • Connecticut mom’s fibbing to get kid into better school district, interpreted as theft of services, contributes to 12-year sentence (also predicated on four unrelated charges of drug sale and possession) [WFSB]
  • Student speech hit by one-two punch: post-Newtown hysteria, campaign against bullying [Hans Bader, more]
  • Turn Pell Grants into entitlements? Has the Gates Foundation taken leave of its senses? [Neal McCluskey, Cato]
  • “The Dubious Case for Regulating Day Care” [John Ross, Reason, responding to Washington Post coverage of Virginia push]
  • Kansas lawmakers push back against court’s power grab on edubucks mandate [K. C. Star, earlier]
  • “Call to Ditch Red Tape on Playtime Safety” [U.K. TESConnect via Free-Range Kids]


  • Bit more to that headline proclaiming 12 year sentence for ‘fibbing’ to get kid into school. Seems that 12 years also includes other crimes: “McDowell’s 12 year sentence also includes four counts of drug possession and sale charges…).

  • Yes, the headline the newspaper used on the Connecticut case was misleading. I hope future reporting sheds light on how much of the sentence was plausibly attributed to the theft of services charge.