• They’ve done this in Canada more times than I can count, too. I believe it’s to protect/subsidize a politically favored crib manufacturer and presume the reasons are similar in this case.

  • I think it’s more a matter that the US federal government thinks only in terms of big businesses, not small ones. Big ones are much easier to regulate and will comply with regulations because they can afford to do so. That it drives the small competitors out of the marketplace is a side benefit for the bigs, but not even an afterthought for the Feds.

  • It is situations like the one described in the linked post – specifically, the failure of law/rule-makers to consider the consequences of their actions – that tends to reduce (or in my case, eliminate) respect for the government.

  • I followed the CPSIA fiasco for some time. I believe
    the crib nonsense to be madness alone. The inability of Jan Schakowsky to understand actuarial events is astounding. The inability of modern societies to curb the maniacs in their governments make me tremble.

  • I’m from the government, I’m here to help you.

  • As my father used to say: The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

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  • @Ed: The road to hell is a shovel ready project.

  • My mom-in-law stockpiles them in her garage (when someone is done with them), and then family/friends contact her and she gives them one for free. Black market crib dealing!