Update: NIH distances itself from Stanton Glantz tobacco-influence study

Or maybe “disavowed” is a better word. Questioned by Rep. Andy Harris (R-MD), National Institutes of Health director Francis Collins said he was “troubled” by the revelation that NIH funds paid for a laughably conspiracy-minded report by Stanton Glantz attacking political conservatives, calling it an “unfortunate outcome” and saying, “We thought we were funding a different kind of research when those grants were awarded.” This is not the first (or the fifth, or the tenth) round of axe-grinding advocacy “research” from Glantz — the National Cancer Institute dished out more than a million dollars this time — and one must wonder at what point he will stop asking the general public to pay for it. [Science Mag; Jacob Sullum; earlier]


  • More to the point is when the general public will stop giving him money. He’s free to ask as often as he likes and whatever quantities he likes.

    The problem is with those who keep handing him taxpayers’ money.

  • Is this any surprise? Since the 1960s untold millions of federal fund s have been given to liberal advocacy groups through the NIH , the National Endowments for the Arts, through rigged lawsuits like those involving the EPA and environmentalists and to pro-labor groups by the DOL.

  • Well, here’s another place to get sequester funds from instead of, say, White House tours, along with the EPA. EEOC, the Title IX advocates, NIH, even the CDC.