• “Screen Actors Guild applauds the determination and courage of the plaintiff in standing up to fight the unfair and abusive practice of publishing actors’ private information online”

    Quite ironic that the Actors Guild defends the practice of lying (i.e. publishing false information), whilst condemning the practice of telling the truth by correcting the false information.

  • imagine how fewer people would know her real age had she just kept quiet.

  • In any case, do movie producers really rely on an actress’ actual age? I would think that they would make their choices on the basis of acting talent and experience and appearance. If an actress looks younger than her age, she will presumably be able to get younger parts. I’m surprised that the plaintiff thinks that revealing her true age has any impact on her employment opportunities.

  • Acting is lying.

    Welcome to the Streisand effect.

    But given her so-so career to date maybe she was really looking for all the free publicity she could get.