Margaret Thatcher, 1925-2013

“Steely,” “indomitable,” and endlessly quotable: I’ve got a blog post up at Cato about her life and career. BBC Radio 5 liked it and will be interviewing me this evening about her.

P.S. Among other views, Ira Stoll relates her success in cutting tax rates while bolstering government finance, and Jesse Walker wonders whether she actually was as ideologically distinctive as all that on issues like deregulation. And as often happens, the subject of Mrs. T. brings out Andrew Sullivan in good form.

Audio from BBC 5:

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  • The Iron Lady was an incredible woman and leader. Her words regarding her ally and friend, President Ronald Reagan, are as follows and can be applied to herself as well:

    “You strode into our midst at a time when America [England] needed you most. This great country had been through a period of national malaise bereft of any sense of moral direction. Through it all, throughout eight [twelve] of the fastest-moving years in memory, you were unflappable and unyielding. You were not only America’s president [England’s prime minister], important as that is, you were a great leader. In a time of average men, you have stood taller than anyone else.”

    The world will miss you Mrs. Thatcher!