Scarecrows for speeders?

The town of Laurel, Maryland tries using fake traffic cameras. “Maryland law restricts most jurisdictions from putting speed cameras anywhere other than near schools, and they can only operate Monday through Friday from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m.” Other neighborhoods wanted cameras installed in hopes of reducing traffic speeds, so the town set up empty boxes. [DCist]


  • Did they run out of LEO silhouettes? Or out-of-service cop cars to park by the side of the road?

  • All the extra accidents with none of the revenue. Brilliant!

  • Seems to me that a fake police car by the side of the road would be even more of a deterrant.

  • John Rohan,

    Most jurisdictions that I am familiar with that do that use a real police car with a fake cop (manikin not impersonator).

  • All they have to do is place radar wave broadcasters around town and watch the fuzz buster crowd react.

  • I support this kind of law enforcement. They just need to get the kinks, and kickbacks, worked out.