• Weiss: “Do you know who I am?”

    Channeling what I wish the officer had said:

    “A suspected drunk driver. We arrest & prosecute them, else suspected drunk drivers like you turn into suspected vehicular homicide perpetrators, like the drunk SOB in Seattle that just wiped out a lady on Highway 520, or the stupid drunk vehicular assault perpetrating teenage girl who rolled her car off the road, injuring herself and 4 friends in the car with her. ”

    (Both cases on the same day within the last week in the greater Seattle area.)

  • Sounds like the “Do you know how I am?” here was said pathetically. At least that is how I read it.

  • Possibly. But if you accept the police report, this was a 90 mph DUI that Weiss tried to argue himself out of, which might seem at least as consistent with a “why shouldn’t I get away with this?” theory of the remark than to a pensive “look how low I’ve sunk” theory.

  • Maybe, it hard to say in a newspaper article. Lot of filters before it got to us and Above the Law had a theme of the story. Or… I want to read it that way.

    I hate the “fall from grace” stories, I really do. But I guess I hate drunk driving more.