Apple on the skewer

“Apple doesn’t have a political action committee to fund incumbents’ re-elections. Apple doesn’t hire many congressional staff or any former congressmen as lobbyists. Apple mostly minds its own business — and how does that help the political class?” [Tim Carney, Washington Examiner]


  • What, Apple thought they could do business in this neighborhood without paying a visit? Such disrespect.

    The difference between the mafia and the US government is the US government has killed way more people.

  • Nice company you’ve got there. Be a shame if anything happened to it. For anybody else it would be extortion, but, not Government.

  • NL7 – you forgot that the mafia doesn’t claim a need to shoot the dog.

  • Apple must be disappointed since they just named the former head of EPA, Lisa Jackson to their board or maybe they saw it coming and named her.