IRS scandal roundup

  • List of times IRS officials misled public [] Ongoing link roundups by Paul Caron at TaxProf;
  • Four agencies piled onto Texas tea partier’s business. Happenstance? [Jillian Kay Melchior] Some Tea Party groups seeking (c)4 status pursued electioneering; unnamed former IRS officials defend agency’s practice [Confessore, NYT] IRS denial of non-profit status to Free State Project [Atlas]
  • “Maybe one side of an issue is considered more political than the other.” [Tim Carney] “To me, the real story is the low status of the Tea Party.” [Arnold Kling]
  • “Too Hard to Fire Misbehaving Bureaucrats?” [Conor Friedersdorf, Chris Edwards, Hans Bader]
  • President is lucky he’s not CEO of big company, or he’d need to seek legal advice re: “Responsible Corporate Officer Doctrine.” [Daniel Dew, Heritage]
  • IRS also drawing fire for flagging high share of families taking adoption tax credit; abuse rate proved low [USA Today]
  • Do federal agencies treat FOIA requests even-handedly? [Examiner/CEI on EPA, Daily Caller on FCC]

One Comment

  • Once is happenstance, twice is coincidence, three times is enemy action. I’m not sure what four is.