Man gets into drunken fight with friend, is injured

And now William Lawler is suing the Amarillo, Tex. sports bar that served both of them earlier in the evening, saying it should have cut them off. The suit, which seeks $1 million or more,

also claims the two had an “amiable relationship, and would have never fought were it not for their extreme level of inebriation.”

Lawler’s lawyer Ryan Turman said he thinks they have a solid case.

“We feel like we’ve got solid facts. We feel like Pink is responsible,” he said. “You just trust a jury to do what is right on these.”

He said the lawsuit was filed in accordance with the Dram Shop Act.

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  • Every bar in Texas should hang a picture of these jokers on the wall and refuse to serve them alcohol ever again.

  • I wonder if those in the legal profession who seek to extort money, and I mean extort, by using these sorts of arguments actually understand the harm they do. Or perhaps they simply do not care a jot, after all they can get rich, which seems to be the only object.

  • Did the bartender hold these men down and force the alcohol into them?

    Why continue to waste time and money on these cases? Maybe it’s time to surrender to the notion that no individual is ever responsible for their bad behavior ’cause the devil made ’em do it. Maybe we should accept that personal responsibility is an antiquated notion, and that any deviant behavior is simply a failure of the collective to adequately monitor one of its’ members.

  • Greater love hath no man, than to set up a legal payday for a friend…

  • As plaintiff oriented as I am, it is difficult for me to think two drunk guys get into a fight and there’s a case. No doubt the carrier will defend the case to no end. If bars are now deemed responsible for intentional conduct, such as a fight, then any one can get drunk, fight and sue. Great money making legal theory, but do not think it’s feasible. Very different than a bar getting someone drunk for profit, sees the person take the keys off the bar and only to watch the patron walk out the door to cause an accident.

  • I get rip-roaring drunk with my friends on rare occasions, and not once have we ever gotten into fights. This dude has a more…nuanced definition of “friend,” I suppose.