May 7 roundup

  • In quiet retreat from STOCK Act, Congress dispenses with trading transparency for its staff [Prof. Bainbridge]
  • Deep-pocket quest: hotel named as additional defendant in Florida A&M hazing death [Orlando Sentinel, earlier]
  • “Keynes didn’t expect to have kids so he didn’t care about the future” wheeze long predates Niall Ferguson [Kenneth Silber; my new post at IGF, where I’ve also been posting lately on the topic of adoption]
  • Ten and five (respectively) reasons for a plaintiff’s lawyer to turn down a personal injury case [Eric Turkewitz, Max Kennerly]
  • Setback for man seeking to trademark “Eat More Kale” [AP, earlier]
  • Gawker is now on the UK “Warning: This bag of nuts may contain nuts” case [earlier]
  • Overlawyered’s Twitter feed just passed the 7,000-follower mark, while our Facebook page, which recently stood at 1,000 likes, has now surged to nearly 2,500. Thanks for following and liking, and if you’d like to engage with other parts of Cato on social media, check out this nifty guide by Zach Graves.


  • Re. FAMU hazing…”deep pocket quest” indeed…the incident that led to this poor kid’s demise occurred in the back of a tour bus…the allegation is that hotel security should have reasonably anticipated such an incident (a) because there was allegedly some hazing type incident in the hotel six months earlier and (b) because “the parking lot was dimly lit, lacked security and surveillance cameras…could have deterred the hazing.”. Perhaps the hotel should provide staff to board and occupy every vehicle in its parking lot…seems reasonable. The complaint should soon be amended to add the bus manufacturer, whose high seat backs and tinted windows no doubt obscured this unfortunate event from being discovered…..

  • “Bind not the mouths of the kine that tread the corn.”