• The traditional Jewish prayer that we say in the morning includes the line:

    “Blessed are You Hashem, our G-d, King of the universe…who has not created me as a woman.”

    I don’t see this as misogyny, it’s being satisfied with what you are. Some progressive Jews change this to “who has created me as I am.”

  • Of course one should be automatically dubious: it’s pretty well established that, by far, the most common response from boys would be along the lines of (in PG-13 form):
    1. Look at my new breasts.
    2. Play with my new breasts.
    3. Take pictures of my new breasts.
    4. Head to the girls’ locker room to see more breasts.
    5. Charge my friends money to look at my new breasts.
    6. Play with my breasts more….