Traffic-cams: they’re at it again

Florida has shortened yellow-light times at intersections, which raises the danger of crashes but improves revenue for red-light cameras, currently running at more than $100 million a year in the state. [WTSP (auto-plays) via Tabarrok]

One Comment

  • This seems to be a common theme in governments around the world (and presumably in short-budgeted Police departments). I was driving across North East Road a few years ago, and the lights were out. Fortunately, there was a police officer present. Not assisting with traffic, but with his speed gun out.

    I drove back through the same intersection about two hours later, and again, fortunately, there were police there. There were two patrol cars, this time.

    The lights were flashing yellow, and the traffic had increased significantly. The police were, this time, doing their bit to reduce the danger.

    They had placed 25km/h signs all over the place, and now, there were cops on BOTH sides of the road with radar guns!

    #revenuraising much?