Update: charges dropped against Kiera Wilmot

Authorities have dropped charges against the Florida teen “who was expelled and charged with two felonies after conducting an unauthorized but harmless science experiment on the grounds of her school.” [Jesse Walker, earlier] And in the feel-good story of the day, former NASA astronaut Homer Hickam “awarded Kiera a scholarship to attend the United States Advanced Space Academy (ASA), a branch of the famous Space Camp in Huntsville, Alabama.” [Black Youth Project]


  • Score one for common sense. Good for Mr. Hickam!

  • So… Florida isn’t totally hopeless.

  • Unfortunately, it looks like she still isn’t being allowed back to school. 🙁

  • One minor correction – Homer Hickman was not an astronaut. He worked for NASA at Marshall Spaceflight Center. Which is where I met him, lo these many years ago, while working on a Spacelab mission.