A wee dram, assisted by a red Solo cup

“Plans to ban the pint glass from pubs throughout the Highlands of Scotland have sparked outrage. The traditional vessel is already outlawed in nightclubs in the Highlands, which are forced to serve all drinks – including champagne, cocktails and the finest malt whiskies – in plastic containers after 9pm because of police fears over potential injury.” The Highland Licensing Board is now proposing to extend the scheme further, against objections from pub owners as well as critics of the Nanny State generally. [Telegraph]

One Comment

  • In British usage, to be “glassed” is to have a drinking glass or bottle crushed against your face or to have an already broken glass shoved into your face. The results are lacerations, bleeding, disfigurement and blindness. According to the Manchester Evening News, there are approximately 5,000 such attacks in the UK each year. Such mayhem is obviously illegal, but would the legal consequences deter a thug who acts on impulse while intoxicated?