“Chili finger scammer headed back to prison”

“A woman who made international headlines when she lied about finding a severed finger in a bowl of chili at a Wendy’s restaurant in San Jose is expected to return to prison for concocting another tale – that someone had shot her son, a prosecutor said Wednesday.” [Henry K. Lee, SFGate.com, autoplays]


  • Now that 3-strikes has been weaked by CA voters, she can keep repeating her scams until one works for her.

  • It is scams like this that give the civil justice system a bad rap for those who are legitimately injured. Thanks for publicizing this fraud’s exposure.

  • I always opposed the Shari’a punishment of cutting off the hand of a habitual thief: there should always remain at least the *possibility* of earning an honest living.

    But, particularly if we consider 3-strikes-and-you’re-out too harsh for non-violent sociopaths, I suggest an indelible purple tattoo on the left hand and wrist. The hand can still be used normally, but the public would have fair notice of someone’s proven untrustworthiness.