Claim: depriving service dogs of graduation caps, gowns violated rights

Texas: “Two students say [their federally protected service-animal] rights were violated when the Denison Independent School District ordered them to remove the caps and gowns their service dogs were wearing for graduation…. ‘It’s not that he’s graduating, because he’s not; I’m aware of that,’ [Ms. Brashier] said.” [WFAA]


  • Now that the AMA has classified obesity as a disease, are we going to train service dogs to bark when you attempt to eat a second dessert?

  • I think it would be outrageous if these young ladies were denied the opportunity to participate in a graduation ceremony with their service dog. Instead they were denied the “right” to dress up their dogs to bring extra attention to themselves during the school’s graduation. Personally I have no problem with them dressing up their dog but I also don’t have a problem with the school deciding not to allow it. These ladies were not the only ones graduating that day and it would not be fair to the person following the girl with the dressed up dog that everyone kfelled over. Either way I fail to see this as “rights” violation.