• To come conservatives, the tragedy of the commons means we should just forget everything and be anarchists.

    Why have roads when some people don’t register their cars? Why have schools when some people shirk their property taxes? Put up a big fence around every single park and charge admission. Handicap people should bring their own ramps places, because able-bodied people might walk up ones that society builds. Don’t try to cram-down mortgages, because some of the recipients might have been dishonest on their loan applications. Why have handicap spaces if some people get fake handicap stickers? Why have Social Security if some rich people draw benefits when they don’t need them?

    Forget about all those things done by society. If we can’t strictly enforce the beneficiaries, then we should just not have the benefits at all.

  • WTF! Kinda off the rails there, eh, Nicky?

    The sad part about this exposé is that you have been able to do this, get in before others if a member of your party is in a wheelchair, for decades. There is nothing to see here except that rich Liberals will overpay for a real wheelchair bound person when all they had to do was rent one for grandma at the front gate. But where’s the status symbol in that…

    And, Nicky, we could just have better screening for the freebies rather than buying votes through their misuse.

  • @EN
    Your ideas are intriguing to me, and I wish to subscribe to your newsletter.

  • Markets in everything. Get paid to go to Disneyland. So what?

  • One of the things I found extra fascinating about this story was the quote from the president of a disabilities organization. He said: “No one likes waiting in long lines, but exploiting people with disabilities in order to skip to the front is disgraceful.”

    Ummm, the disabled aren’t being exploited. They are the ones exploiting a loophole in Disney policies. Good for them for spotting a market and jumping on it.

  • Who is exploiting who? Sounds like disabled kids have a great racket and are exploiting it for all its worth. Why deprive the disabled kids of this great source of income?

    The only losers are us regular folks that get bumped further back in line.

  • The policy was instituted to not only make a disabled child’s day a little better, but to also help the families who deal with the disability on a daily basis. Instead of having to struggle and face hurdles daily, Disney decided to give both the child a memorable day and the family a break from their daily challenges.

    When you “rent a kid” so you and your family can see an attraction sooner and faster, you are missing half of the equation. You are missing the part where you have to overcome the challenges of a disabled child on a daily basis.

    This isn’t about making a child happy. This is about making your family happy at the expense of others.

    To pass oneself off as a family with a disabled child when in fact you are not may be acceptable in the “marketplace” (who knew there would be a prostitution ring for disabled kids?) but morally and ethically, it is despicable.

  • Watch the video. it’s not little kids in wheelchairs who are the beneficiaries. It’s ambulatory adults claiming back, neck, or knee problems who are obtaining the passes intended for people with disabilities that make it painful or uncomfortable to stand for long periods who are acting as guides.

    In a perfect world, those abusing this progam would be senetenced to a week at Give Kids the World Village (gktw.org) to see first hand who the program is intended to benefit.