June 8 roundup

  • “They want us to run government more like a business? OK then, we’ll start dropping $10K fees each on ludicrous motivational speakers.” [me on Twitter, background on IRS]
  • Responding to scurrilous attacks on Fifth Circuit Judge Edith Jones [Ann Althouse and more, Tamara Tabo, Gerard Bradley, Bart Torvik]
  • As Hasan cites Taliban, Obama Administration’s claim that Fort Hood attack was “workplace violence” is looking brittle [Christian Science Monitor]
  • “The Good Wife’s bad politics and awful law” [Bainbridge]
  • Hey, it worked for Sheldon Silver: “Giving Albany bosses the power to block probes of themself in secret is laughably unworkable” [Bill Hammond, New York Daily News]
  • Per Mickey Kaus, immigration bill would allow retroactive EITC refunds for past years of unlawful residence [Daily Caller]
  • Someone’s getting rich off the federal cellphone program, but it’s not Mrs. Hale of Bethalto [KMOV]
  • “Goodnight stars. Goodnight moon. Goodnight spooks on iChat, peeking into my room. Goodnight PRISM. Goodnight cell. Goodnight Verizon. Goodnight, Orwell.” [Radley Balko]


  • Does anyone take those motivational speakers seriously or remember their message more than a day? My former employers once hired Nancy Austin, co-author of “A Passion for Excellence”, as a speaker. In her book, she called reserved parking spaces at workplaces “a near-mortal sin” because they are a way of putting employees who don’t get them in their (unreserved) place. The next day I saw workmen painting new reserved parking places in the company parking garage. Ms. Austin and other motivational speakers might sincerely mean the things they say, but does it ever bother them that no one believes a word of it?

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