“Suing for $2 million, so that the claim is taken seriously”

That’s how a lawyer explains his $2 million damage demand on behalf of a Georgia student whose bikini-clad image was used by a school administrator in a presentation about how the Internet is forever, image-wise. [Chris Matyszczyk, CNet] The classic line about how if you want to send a message, use Western Union, will probably need to be retired given the news that the world’s last telegram is due to be sent in India next month. [Christian Science Monitor]


  • Shouldn’t someone offer a link to the picture with the bikini?


  • I guess the trope could be changed to ‘send a Tweet’, but it does lose a little something.

  • If she gets invited to appear on a reality show, can the defendants counter claim for finders’ fees?

  • Bob,

    In our relentless search for information, we can state at the CNet link given in the original post there is a cropped version of the image in question.

    The CNet article has a link to WSB-TV which has the full image.


    Of course, we want it known that we looked only for the sake of becoming informed on this poor woman’s quest to seek justice .

  • This girl pretty much completely missed the point of the exercise, which was that if you put pictures of yourself onto the public internet, they are completely public and you no longer control them. Having failed to learn that lesson the first time, now she has petitioned a court to teach her the lesson a second time. I await eagerly the follow-up to this story.

  • Ms. Chaney, please meet Ms. Streisand.

    $2 million for that picture? I’ll wear a bikini for $1 million. Of course, I’m not sure who wants a bikini picture of a big white guy with terrible tan lines.